We create new opportunities for our clients by extending the limits of what is possible:


  • Materials can be optimized to suit your application – including novel materials, e.g. transparent plastics.
  • Few restrictions on the shape and size of components.
  • Can metalize smoother, thinner, more precise surfaces, as the Cuptronic Process™ does not use etching.
  • Components may be produced on-site at our production facility in Stockholm.
  • We can license our process production and know-how, and help you install a simple addition to your existing production line.

It is important for us to add our knowledge to our clients’ product development at an early stage. Working hand-in-hand with our clients in this way results in a better product and avoids future problems.

RFS Transparent AntennaWe have helped RFS with metalization of transparent plastic (COC, Topas) for their AllClear antenna product line.