About Cuptronic


As a company at the very forefront of adhesion promotion research, we at Cuptronic Technology always strive to use our knowledge to identify the optimal solutions to each client’s unique challenges. We do so by being a part of their product development processes at an early stage, with the aim to increase industrial productivity and minimize environmental impact. These are principles that we strongly adhere to.

The early years focused on research and development, bringing the process from laboratory to industrial scale, broadening the library of materials and branching into different industry segments. During the entire time there have been a close collaboration both with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm and Luleå University of Technology (LTH).

Now, with a new facility on the outskirts of Stockhom that contains an R&D lab and a production facility, our team is moving to full-scale commercial production, with bespoke solutions for our demanding industrial customers. Growth in the immediate future will also include bringing off-the-shelf products to the market.