Shareholders and Board Members

Urban Fagerstedt
Chairman of the Board. Former VP R&D for Huawei Technologies Sweden and Senior Advisor to Huawei China. Urban has worked in the telecom industry 30 years. The last 15 years in development of cellular systems and as General Management positions for the last ten years.

Göran Lindahl
Former President and Chief Executive Officer at ABB, Ltd., Zurich, Switzerland, Currently member of the board of (among others) iGate Corporation (US), Patni Computer Systems Limited (India), Avinode Holding AB, LivSafe AB, INGKA Holding BV (IKEA) and IIT Board of Trustees (USA, Chicago). Previously member of the board of (among others) ABB, Anglo American, DuPont, Ericsson, Sony, Sony Ericsson, Ratos and Saab.

Bo Westerberg
Board Member. Nötuden AB, Former VP at Ericsson, General Manager – Indelec (Spain), Plant Manager Philips, Senior Management Consultant – Maynard MEC AB and several Directorships.

Hans-Göran Stennert
Board Member. IKEA Group, director of INGKA Holding BV (holding company for the IKEA Group) from 1993-2007 and as Chairman of Board of INGKA Holding BV for the last ten years. Currently Chairman of the board of Eolus Vind AB.

Mikael Lövgren
Chairman of Bridgepoint’s (private equity group) business in the Nordic regions. Prior to joining Bridgepoint in 2006 he spent twenty years with the Boston Consulting Group, as the founder and leader of its Nordic Operations and Nordic Healthcare Practice group. Mikael Lövgren currently sits on the board of the Karolinska University hospital which is a leading European hospital.

Peter Sjöbeck
Board Member. CEO Cuptronic Technology AB, see Management.