The Cuptronic team

Peter Sjöbeck, CEO

Peter has been involved in the Cuptronic project approx. 10 years and started as Cuptronic's CEO in 2014. Peter is a self-starting senior executive with a broad range of international experience – focused on business development, strategy, negotiation and finance. He has more than thirty years experience in international companies in various markets. The common denominator has been companies in transition or development, never leaving sight of the long term soundness of the business idea and of the company’s profitability.

Peter’s goals is to transition the company from a R&D project to an industrialized enterprise. He places great focus on finding new ways for our clients to overcome their manufacturing challenges.

He is a keen golfer and has some of his best ideas while sinking the puts on the greens.

peter.sjobeck@cuptronic.com +46 (0)707 300 000

Björn Atthoff, PhD, CTO

Björn is a Material scientist who holds a doctorate in Polymer chemistry and Polymer technology from Uppsala University, Sweden and a Masters degree in Polymer Technology and has published 39 peer-reviewed articles within Materials Chemistry R&D. He has previously worked in R&D groups at St Jude Medical, Uppsala, Sweden, IBM's Almaden Research Center, USA, and the National Institute of Materials and Chemistry
in Tsukuba, Japan.

He is the brains behind our process development, and the incorporation of the Cuptronic Process™ in existing commercial substrates.

At the weekends, you might catch him experimenting with the adhesion between cycle tire rubber and the asphalt of the roads around Uppsala as he trains for his next cycling challenge.

bjorn.atthoff@cuptronic.com +46 (0)709 966 118

Sven Göthe, PhD, Principle Scientist

Sven focuses on IPR and the industrialization of the Full-Additive utilization of the Cuptronic Process, currently in the upscaling of production to full industrial production. Sven holds a doctorate in Polymer Chemistry and Polymer Technology with more than 15 years' experience of commercialization of development projects. He was previously Director of Packaging and Device Technology for Fresenius Kabi AB and within Pharmacia & Upjohn.

On his free time he enjoys food and good wines.

sven.gothe@cuptronic.com +46 (0)705 550 604