Our PCBs are superior to those made with conventional adhesion processes:


We are able to create conductors using semi-additive process, starting with down to 1 µm of copper. Guided by the pattern film, these will.

  • The adhesion surface can be very smooth (Rz<0.1µm) – We are not depending on tabs to adhere the copper, as our process follows the materials inherent topography.
  • Better Signal Integrity due to improved line definition, shape and resolution. This is the results of minimizing the under etch due to very limited amount of etching and the possibility of smooth surfaces.
  • Ideally suited for RF and High-Speed applications due to better circuit definition and process consistency between batches.
  • Ideal for radar manufacture in the automotive, aerospace and defence industries, where high frequencies are required for the detection of 3D objects and objects in motion.
  • Cuptronic conductors behave more like their theoretical models.
  • Because of better adhesion and better shaped conductors there will be fewer rejects and less scrapping.
  • Thinner and straighter connections, leads to fewer layers and holes. Substantial cost reduction due to reduced numbers of layers.
  • Can be printed on transparent plastic.
  • For tested PCB materials, please download the PCB presentation.

Printed Circuit Board, PCB

We are also currently developing a technology for printing lines with laser.