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The Cuptronic Technology, the CBM process (Covalent Bonded Metallization) is a revolutionary new way of attaching metals like Copper, Nickel, Silver and Gold to a variety of surfaces. Today’s technologies for metal-adhesion to non-metallic surfaces rely mainly on mechanical adhesion by creating a rough surface. Current technologies have several issues, three of which being adhesion, production cost and the use of Hexavalent Chromium etching. The CBM process chemically creates customized polymers rising from the surface. Furthermore these structures are also designed to attract Palladium, needed to deposit metals using conventional electroless metal chemistry. Thereafter electroplating to desired level is possible.

The process is applicable on a wide variety of materials, even transparent plastic and certain Teflon® materials (e.g. PTFE). With better adhesion and the possibility to metallize very smooth surfaces, this new technology cannot only improve properties of the end products, it could also simplify, and increase the yield of the current production process.
The CBM Process is easy to scale up and utilizes conventional technics and equipment well known to the industry: apply the CBM chemistry by appropriate coating technique (e.g. spray, dip or roller coat) and activate the CBM chemistry by exposing it to a specific UV light (flood light or laser). Finally use conventional plating processes to desired metal thickness.