Advisory Board


Tarja Rapala-Virtanen
Tarja has more than 30 years’ experience of managing and developing strategies for complex electronics projects, including wide coordination of international collaboration in Finland, the EU, the United States and China. With an impressive track record from having worked with companies and organizations such as the Aspocomp Group, the Meadville Group and The European Institute for the PCB Community, EIPC, Tarja boasts extensive experience and expertise in all key PCB processes and technologies.

Jerker Delsing
Jerker is professor of Industrial Electronics at Luleå University of Technology where to date he has supervised more than 40 PhD degrees in the fields of automation, IoT, SoS, electronics and sensors. He is currently member of the board of Artemis Industry Association, ProcessIT Innovations, and ProcessIT Europe, and was previously member of the board of Swerea SICOMP, Abelko Innovation, D-Flow and Cuptronic. He is also the coordinator of the large European IoT and SoS automation R&D&I projects Arrowhead and Arrowhead Tools, and holds leading positions in several other large European projects, e.g. Productive 4.0, EMC2, IMC-AESOP and Socrades.