Cuptronic is an adhesion-promotion company that has developed a unique technology for attaching metals to non-metal materials.

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We create new opportunities for our clients by extending the limits of what is possible.

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Our expert team is based at our R&D and Production facility in Stockholm, Sweden.

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Advantages with the Cuptronic Process™

We specialize in product solutions for METALIZATION of non-metal surfaces, for example Plating on Plastic (POP) and Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

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Premium adhesion on smooth surfaces

  • No need for surface etching
  • No need for dendrites
  • Can metalize smoother and thinner surfaces

A wide variety of materials can be used

  • Materials optimized for your products
  • New possible applications – incl. transparent materials
  • Few restrictions on the shape or size of components
  • Allows for larger variety of possible materials

Wide variety of process options

  • Application (Spray, roll, dip, pad print)
  • Activation (flood light or laser)

Simple production

  • Easy to implement for industrial production
  • Performed in normal room conditions
  • Utilizes standard plating equipment

Improved end user properties

  • High frequency properties (PCB)
  • Plating on very thin substrates
  • Very thin copper layers are possible
  • Increased adhesion

Environmentally friendly

  • Increased yield
  • No use of Chromic acid etch (PoP)

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